Hiding sucks..

People hide and pretend everything is ok- why do we think pretense will make us likable? We are lead to believe that we are not enough- we hide in shame and create personas that are toxic to our soul, our bodies and our spirit. When we hear the truth we get a glimmer of hope but have a hard time believing that any of that truth is really for us. What great love? How can we touch it or feel it?

There is no freedom in living this way, hiding. There is much energy wasted in the persona ‘upkeep’. The barrier we hold up ( and I say hold up because it is heavy and a burden) does not just keep us from freedom but also precludes us from receiving love~ we are afraid to risk being really known. Really really known. As if there is shame in non-perfection and you might stop liking me as soon as you….”know”. Or I might loose that competition to beat you at this perfection game. It sucks. It really does.  But there is this great love of God available… and then again, how do I touch it?

Those who have had a reality with this great love of god have a responsibility and a longing to share it with others – god speaks through our actions and just as any one perhaps has come in contact with this love through the touch and care of others -is now in the responsibility line of sharing Jesus. His Love. This. is. the. only. way. to. live. An unconditional, supernatural love that does not judge and is FULL OF GRACE for our messy selves.  Known, and messy and yet still loved.  I am grateful for those who’s beautiful reality with our God has led them to share kind words and His love with me.  My faith continues to grow because of their seed.  I BELIEVE.

One Reply to “Hiding sucks..”

  1. I was always looking for a great love! I just didn’t know what it looked like or felt like. Until, like you put it, through good girlfriends, I felt “love through the touch and care of others”. I LOVE how you said that has experienced God’s love “is now in the responsibility line of sharing Jesus”. ha ha ha….get in LINE!!!! It’s hard work, but it’s what we are called to do as soon as we receive that love :)!!!

    Hiding is a heavy HEAVY burden. It feels light and easy to be myself. As daunting and super scary as it is to put myself out there (you know me, I just put it out there), it’s worth it. I begin to remember that my identity comes from Jesus and my strength to deal with the pain and sometimes even rejection of “being out in the open” comes from Jesus too. It reminds me that God is God, so I thank Him when I’m well loved and liked despite my “reality” and turn to him for comfort when I feel the sorrow, sadness and emotional pain that rejection can bring from being “real”. All in all, it leads me back to Him every time. That’s when I know I’m on the right path. It’s awesome because His Grace is abundant!!! I know that for a fact 🙂

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