What are you seeking?

I usually have a different opinion about this every day . Or every 15 minutes for that matter, it depends on what is happening in my life or my day at the moment.  I seek many things I suppose. I seek God of course!!  But I have to say that mostly I seek a good mood, good relationships, good food, extra income, comfort, exercise , perfection, healthy choices for my husband and my kids, I seek how to MAKE them choose these healthy choices…. The list is endless and well, exhausting at times. Basically I am constantly seeking control.  Sigh….

In this seeking of mine I recently decided to follow along with some cool peeps on http://www.ifequip.com and read the book of John with them.  I have been pleasantly surprised.  As is the case whenever I study God’s word.  WORD.

In the first chapter, Jesus asks two of John the Baptist’s disciples who see him and start following Him, “What are you seeking?”. They didn’t answer with a specific  I am seeking this or that answer.  They actually answer with another question and ask him, “Teacher, where are you staying?”.

So I thought, did they not know what they were seeking?  Did they not have an answer?  This is God asking you a question people- where is your answer?!  Perhaps they were so mesmerized by His presence that all they cared about at that moment was WHERE ARE YOU STAYING SO THAT WE CAN GO BE WITH YOU?!!..  I can only imagine what it must have been like for them to actually get an invitation FROM JESUS.  All other “seekings” go out the window right then and there~

What perspective on my mood this gave me-  yes, when I’m seeking comfort, or seeking pleasure, or that that someone next to me would shut their mouth already~ yes yes, I have to say that ….I ‘seek’ that often.  All too often.  The answer to living in victory- to living free is so obvious.  What are you seeking He asks?  It’s got to be a trick question….Because all you need is me.  Jesus. Well. There it is.  Focus.  He is there for me. With a beautiful and simple invitation~

“Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

One Reply to “What are you seeking?”

  1. ha ha ha ha….I love how you wrote this. I could definitely relate to the things you seek. I tend to group all of your examples (things I regularly seek too :/ ) into seeking “my will” and not “His”. That’s terrible!!! So yes, I like being re-focused on that beautiful invitation and start my day by seeking “His will”. It’s not my day, it’s totally yours LORD.

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