10 Extra Pounds….during the Marathon~

Yea, so it is about 7 or 10 lbs that this Holiday season has brought me this year~ Or as we call it in Mexico: ‘El Marathon Guadalupe-Reyes’ which is basically feasting from the Posada parties that begin on December 12th- all the way to January 6th ‘”Day of the ‘Kings’ or the ‘Wise Men” where we continue celebrating the season with yet another feast eating even more cake. Now, if you are lucky enough to live near the Mexican border, or simply follow United States traditions you get to start this ‘Marathon’ early!! Yes, you can start the feasting all the way from Thanksgiving Day, which turns out to be about 6 to 7 weeks of straight feasting and celebrating the Christmas Season. Awesome? Yes. Exhausting? A bit. Fattening? Heck Yes. But who cares?!

This year I have decided that I am not going to let this extra weight define me. It won’t define my 2015, it won’t define my state of mind (as it usually can) nor will it define my contentment. My mind-set is this: All this celebrating, playing, rejoicing, praying, sharing AND weight gain means that I had SO MUCH this year…Enough food, enough love, enough money, enough friends, invitations, etc. etc. I had enough. Even if I gained some weight, got a few more wrinkles and even had to miss a few of the parties because my marathon was interrupted for a period of about 6 days due to the flu :/

Now…let me just state that OF COURSE I will exercise this fat off. I will stop running to the cake and sugar table every day(at least until next Thanksgiving or so..) but I do have to say that IT.WAS.SO.MUCH.FUN. I laughed my head off with so many friends, my kids, my husband, and the rest of my awesome family. My heart was as full as my plates of food 🙂

The problem for me might be to MAINTAIN this attitude of gratitude and awe for the rest of the year. Without chocolate cookies and sugar by the handful. Without beating myself up because the extra weight won’t come off in one day- and then blaming the day and my horrible mood on the weight gain. The discipline to eat sanely again and wake up early to exercise, study, pray and meditate just does not come as instantly as the rush of an amazing cookie or creamy cheese filled appetizer, or even hurrying to get it all done so we can get to the next celebration!!

We will see how this goes as with all resolutions. I will try to remember to be super patient with myself and others. I will continue to take care of my heart and mind as well as my body. For me- it has to be the HEART first- otherwise it just doesn’t work out.

And of course I will not do this alone. Never alone… Because alone is not good. This week I go back to my small groups. The accountability of friends and my church family. This is what I’ve been doing all year which is why I think I actually ENJOYED this Christmas season. Yes- there were stressful times but I think my heart was SO FULL from all the time invested in reading, bible study, prayer, sitting quietly with my God and just talking and working it out with some pretty cool friends. All was well with my soul– even in the hard times. (or at least looking back it is!) So here we go, on to the new year and new beginnings. Let’s DO THIS!! Cheers!

Mathew 12:34
~For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks~