Happy Bday [for] me~

Today I looked back at what a FULL life I have had up to date. There’s been awesome, great, good, bad and ugly- 

All have shaped me into the person I am today . 

I am alive, loving life and grateful for even having gotten this far. 46. #Boom. 

I have traveled far, met and shared life with many great friends and family.  I’ve  laughed and cried much, worked in theater, played and sang in rock bands and even danced in the circus :).   I’ve been married to the love of my life for 19 years, and we have two super cool, kind and passionate about life kids.   I have fought addictions and crazy thoughts.  I’ve fought for my marriage and continue to fight for my children’s hearts.  The fight against the thoughts is ALWAYS a good fight- and is still ongoing.  I guess that is just a fact of this life pilgrimage we are on. #Thestruggleisreal but the fight is worth every drop of sweat.    My dad always told my siblings and I that we were warriors.  Not in those exact words…but he would tell us that we were in the arms of a warrior and since we are his kids,  we are therefore also warriors.  He fought for his family and I fight for mine.  

I have grown and look forward  to continue growing in the freedom of God’s love and acceptance for me and others.  I still struggle but am aware of tangible healing .  I am a Progress’ not Perfection’ kind of girl today. 

I’ve lost many beautiful friends to cancer and my sweet  cousin to a tragic accident.  They were all too young to leave us yet… But I got to love them and laugh and cry with them. We will all meet again some day.  

This Thanksgiving  we will have 30 guests over to our house to break bread and give thanks together. Friends and family. And I am bursting with gratitude and awe of where God has brought me.  46. Not bad… Not bad at all.  Who would have thought that at 19 years old I figured if I was lucky I would make it to 30! 🙂 

To my  younger friends I tell you this: keep on keeping on, LOVE even when it hurts. Laugh often and renew your mind often.  To my older friends: I’m right behind you- watching and learning from your wisdom, love and zeal for life. 

All my life I had two big reminders of all of this but was unaware of their power.  The power of words.  My parents had a little wood frame at our house with the words, ” DIOS ES AMOR Y EL QUE VIVE EN EL AMOR, EN DIOS PERMANECE Y DIOS EN EL .”          1 John 4:16.    I would read it everyday .  It mostly went over my head  and I had no idea that they were one of Christ’s best friend’s words.  Then Elisa, my little sister had her own mantra: “I LOVE LIFE”.   She would write it everywhere and she even had a wooden carved letter set with those wise words.  Most of the time I just thought about breaking it, or how tacky those wood letters looked …. (sorry Eli).  But as much as I teased her about it,  I am now aware of their power as well.  You were right Sis,  ‘I Love Life too’~