Un-perfect Christmas. 

The un- perfect Christmas season.  This month, as the Guadalupe – Reyes marathon starts- I’ve made up my mind.   I am embracing the messy and imperfect Christmas season.  Yes.  If I gain a little weight and things don’t go as planned – that is awesome. If I celebrate too much because I am lucky enough to have that many friends …. That is awesome.  The real inspiration here is the HOPE that comes with Christmas.  Extra is the excitement in the air….the lights… theeeee presents…the parties …the fights….the disappointments….the debt….the hangovers.  Whatevs. I will pray, go to yoga, PRACTICE GRATITUDE and party on. I am not going to worry about rushing. I apologize in advance if I don’t get you a gift- I will probably forget. And the stores give me headaches. Here is my gift to you this season: come over to my house and I’ll make you some dinner. We can hang out on the porch and talk and drink some hot tea …While we look at my Charlie Brown Christmas tree that my kids don’t like BUT I LOVE because it is SIMPLE.   I am excited about un-complicating Christmas.  
I want to celebrate s.l.o.w. and just BREATHE it all in. The cold nights at the walkabout, neighbor parties and neighbor arguments. Family parties and family arguments. I’m keeping it REAL and pushing for vulnerable. #nopretending.  

I seriously FREAKING LOVE CHRISTMAS!! And sadly, there have been years that I’ve been more frustrated about the prep and perfection than the actual celebration of God coming down here to hang out with us ~ to show us that simple is good. That simple is enough. That all we need is Love. There is hope in the air.  

I do wish all have a place to go hang out during this special time. Family or friends. If you’re in the hood, come celebrate w us down in Barrio Logan on the 23rd~ for Christmas Eve Eve. We will be singing and celebrating and drinking hot cocoa.  There is a spot reserved for you at centerchurchsd.com ~What a relief to be free of perfection…❤️ .  

Merry Christmas people!! Bring on the marathon!!!! #woot!