What stops us from asking for help? I keep asking myself why is it sometimes such a task, an embarrassment almost, to say: ” I need help…I’m hurting, I don’t know what to do about this situation.” It’s like it means we are bad or incapable of handling life. Well, I’m not bad, I know that. But incapable of handling life at times? Yep. Pretty sure I need a team for that. It’s easier to hide and get busy and run and medicate–But is that really a life?? A life that we are meant for and created for? I don’t believe we are to go at it alone.  
This lie we’ve been taught, which is covered in unconscious shame perhaps , that we MUST keep it together or hide if we can’t, is ONE. HEAVY. LIE.  

It weighs on our hearts and crushes the abundant life out of us. The abundant life that God offers us.   

Often people hire personal trainers for exercising and that is good. OR you hire a plumber to fix your sink , and that is good. We hire gardeners to help our gardens and that is good. Tutors to help with homework, we look at magazines and you tube videos to help with fashion and putting on make up ;).  But when it’s time to hire a good counselor or life coach, there is (though less and less now) a stigma of DANG! I don’t need no counselor! That’s just for the crazies! Well guess what?  We are all a little crazy.  I see counseling as a personal trainer of thoughts and emotions– a different perspective on how and why I feel or act a certain way sometimes. I see it as an extremely healthy and wise choice. Especially if this acting or feeling is something that 1) is not helping me or my loved ones and 2) it is getting in the way of my freedom, authenticity and abundant life. Everybody struggles in some way.  Life is about perspective. Many times my prayer is to have a couple of awesome friends that are further along in life than me, so that they can help, listen and love me even when I tell them my ‘crazy’. I’ve been pretty lucky because God has always provided these friends. Yet sometimes I can fall back on just not being able to call them and ask for help. I can look at the phone and just freeze. I guess it’s just the human condition. It does take courage to ask, to get vulnerable, to talk truth. But boy, when it happens– the weights begin to loosen up, the heart begins to breathe DEEPLY again. There is peace in knowing we are not alone. You are not alone.  Call the counselor, call the listening friend.  It’s worth it. You are worth the fight. We are all in this together. #LOVEWINS #thestruggleis real  

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