Second Mother’s Day and Strike follow up~

Well, since I am Mexican, today is May 10th and the second Mother’s Day of the year for me and my fellow Mexican Mommas!!   I have been asked a few questions about the OG US  Mother’s Day that I forgot to add to Sunday’s post.  

Here is part 2 of the Mother’s Day write up with the untold details :

What happened that made this day different  than the time I went on strike?

1) I asked for what I wanted- and  

2) I planned something just for me.  

A few weeks in advance I told my husband and my kids, “I do not want any gifts for Mother’s Day this year,  at all.  I just want to stay at home and celebrate this day ON SATURDAY and fix up the garden,  plant pink bougainvilleas, and work on the house.  Ok- maybe a card I said….kids: you can make me a card. 😜. Now mind you, ever since the strike 2 years ago they do, somewhat, listen attentively.   The Saturday celebration aliviated the pressure for Sunday’s big expectations as well as allowed space for heading to Baja and spending time with grandma. 

It was not perfect.  It rained on Saturday morning so we could not paint. My husband had to work and my son had a baseball game so we got a late start and it was (again) not perfect and I was a bit frustrated …just a bit.   My planned event started at 6:30pm and I think we got to the planting at around 5:00pm. 😳

I kept breathing and looking at my kids, running around at my barking orders with a few moments of laughter and peace here and there.   Once my husband finally got home from work and started planting it was time for me to head out.  

I had booked my planned event three weeks prior and it was an ‘evening for a night of creativity, reflection, and expression designed to enrich and restore your soul’… And it was AWESOME! 

Two great authors lead about 40 ladies in a talk about imperfect mothering, allowing emotions to flow, catching the soul bullies (i.e.:negative thoughts), writing and then making a ‘fearless’  mother necklace. All this while eating brownies , cheese and crackers and drinking sparkling water or wine.   I guess I’m old but for me- this was SO LIFE GIVING!! I loved every minute of it.   And I got a free copy of Leeana Tankerslay’s new book #Brazen!  (Well, it wasn’t really free…it came with the workshop but whatever.) 

I cried and laughed during the workshop. I came home and we had a good family movie night.  By good I mean we picked a good movie and no one fell asleep while watching it.  This is always a good sign.    So on Sunday…..I was just getting ready for church with my new ‘fearless’ tank top that unexpectedly matched what Leeana spoke about the night before…… When my kids walked in to my room with written, DIY cards.   The best. I wish I could take a picture of them and post them here but they might not approve and one of them is inappropiate because that is how we (sometimes) roll at our house.  

Then we went to church and my friend/ pastor just knocked it out of the park talking about the truth on living a fearless life.   Seriously- take a listen if you want

Ok! There is my story for this weekend.  GRACE for the imperfect moments.  Much grace since they are mostly imperfect.  New eyes to see.  No strike this weekend.  No time for pity parties when I ask for what I need and take care of myself.  Phew!!

Feliz día de las madres carnales!!

*by the way, in case you are wondering, OGUS = Original Gangsters United States 

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