Telepathetic? or you’re trippin’!

My daughter and I made up a word today:  TELEPATHETIC.  I actually messed up and said this word instead of ‘telepathy’.  But saying the word out loud made me realize how I can be telepathetic…. and I think it might be a common thing.  Here  is the definition I figured out for telepathetic: 

 Telepathetic: When you somewhat obsessively  think about things that might  happen in the future … or that might possibly be happening in other people’s minds that is just pathetic.  As in my thoughts are pathetic.. One example of your thoughts being telepathetic is if you think worse case scenarios constantly in the future.  Anyone?  

Another example can be when You assume that others are thinking you said something stupid. Or that you said something wrong or they took it the wrong way.  You assume they think you are crazy, or maybe just dumb. 

I guess  telepathetic is like catastrophic thinking but worse.  Because I also make up what you and everybody else is thinking therefor the “telepathic ” root of the word 

So there you have it. Telepathetic defined for you.  Which is basically: are you trippin’? Or tripping if you have grammar perfection issues.   I can tell you that I am an expert in telepathetic abilities. 😜 I am constantly re-thinking about what I said vs what you think I said. Or another telepathetic ability :   What did he mean by that? He’s angry for sure. Did I mess that up? Is he lying? He must be lying….. Wait, I should have said this instead blah blah.  
Ok goodnight.  That is all for today.  I’m going to have to cut back on the Charlie Brown books. #goodgrief #talesofrecovery #telepathetic #funtimes #loveandlaughmuch #ironmomma #freedom