The Practice of Love

It seems so simple to say, just practice love. There are, however, so many obstacles and learned judgements that get in the way of pure love and convert it to conditional acceptance.    I used to think it was because of the cultural background or family you’d be born into…. but i guess it’s just a common human condition thing~

How can we begin to LET GO like really really let.that.shit.go and live in constant acceptance without being called a hippie?  I keep running into a brick wall when I hear the words about love your neighbor as yourself BUT then make sure they are following the rules or else….out they go.  It’s hard to handle that limitation today.  It feels so exclusive.  It’s what I’ve been fighting my entire life.  Exclusion.  

We all get excluded in some shape or form growing up.  It’s like a tribal instinct I guess.   But what is up with the  need to separate? I mean I can choose who I hang out with but the judgment and separation this exclusion way of thinking brings carries on into our adult lives and Just (in my opinion) gets in the way of living a life of love. 

Three sweat friends of mine died about 6 years ago, and all within a two year period. Being with them in the last days of their breaths here on earth and with their beautiful families was an experience that changed my thought patterns of certainty.   All we talked about in the end was that they got to love people.  Nothing mattered then but love.  Not what they accomplished in life or how much they traveled the world,  not what they believed,  or how hard they tried.   Just how they got to love and be loved.  And the knowledge of how quickly this gift of life can end is electrifying. 

I can not be certain of how many days I have left to breathe here on earth.  How many more times I can hug my husband and look into my children’s eyes as they tell me about their friends or what they are going through today.    So I often find myself saying, ” We are all gonna die”..  not to be morbid- but to constantly remind myself of the importance and privilege that it is to LIVE.  

I practice this reminder and I practice how to better love.  Sitting quietly everyday opening up my mind and heart to the divine prescence and action within me.  It’s in there….somewhere.  I just need to PRACTICE daily so it can flow easier and that I can be reminded of its power.   No time for judgement or complaining.  Just healing and more healing.  I figure this is what we are here for : to live and heal so that we can better know and practice love.   

Maybe this is why we all love celebrating so much.  At least I know I’m all about the party, the celebration, the fun event, happy hour, family reunions (well…this last one varies on how much I’ve been practicing ha!)   We really do know the preciousness of life and love,  it’s recorded in our cells.   But of course  life and difficulties come and we fight and complain and suffer when we could accept life as it is , embrace some of the suffering and peacefully wait until we can walk out solutions.    This might be a whole other practice in itself .   For today: I will practice love.  May you feel and know how loved you are . May you practice love and kindness to yourself today,.  You ARE love.  ❤️✌🏽