School Bus Life 

So I’m looking at this school bus. On this road. And am thinking how this is LIFE. A journey on the school bus LEARNING and LAUGHING and getting in trouble sometimes…because we will have lame ass teachers and amazing and loving teachers and guides and sages and love and hurt everywhere we go. ~// I want to keep on riding, keep on learning, keep on adventuring, keep on healing and keep on LOVING. 🚌 #letsridetogether #itsneverover #journeyoflife #journeyoflove

The ‘Present’ thief~

Have you been robbed today? So far.. it is about 12:30 pm on a Monday morning and I’ve witnessed about 3 thefts on instagram, one really bad one on Facecrack and when I was about to head to twitter I remembered that I needed to stop the thief.   

Stop the thief. 

The thief of the Here and NOW.   I mean I love IG, blogs and  twitter, online classes,  tumbler etc.  The thing today is I have figured out why this is SUCH a successful thief.  My theory on smart phone love is the innate knowledge of how important our present moment is.  It is ALL we have.  The here and now.
Just for today,  do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself, be here now, and so on.   All great spiritual truths lead to this statement.  Are we created to KNOW this yet fall far  behind in the awareness lesson?  Could this misguided innate  knowledge  be the reason why we feel the need to be in OTHERS’ present so often?   I could be breathing in my NOW moment but first….. let me go check yours?  

Then your neighbors, then the link below, then click on that other selfie and next thing you know my Present is ran over by someone else’s.    This could also be the reason why we feel the need to post everything we do, eat or read.  Information and wisdom sharing is a gift and I absolutely love it.  But just being aware of the why… WHY? Why do you want to post everything you do or see what everybody else is doing right NOW? 
Because NOW is the BEST AND NOW is all we have. This moment. NOW As I write this, and now and as you read this.  

We have the portal to brain sucking power as well as the portal to amazing and constant information.   Balance is key. Oh how I long for balance..

My teens hear me all the time when I ask them to leave their phones at the door once we get home for the day. Why? Because we now get to rest the brain, talk in person, write a song, read a book, or just stare out the window.  In peace.  Sans the thief.   It’s a struggle, but worth the fight. Worth the awareness.   Enjoy your NOW.  ✌🏽