Limiting Beliefs 

So what’s your limiting belief? Why do we think we can or can not do something?  This great life we have is half spent struggling against a set of rules and limitations that, for the most part, at least as adults , we put on ourselves.   

I had not entirely realized that it’s kind of a big deal to state publicly what I think about the Christian church.  Every day it becomes even more clear : the chains it has on so many, and the grand disfunction it grows that we’ve just come to know as ‘normal’ and therefore accept as a drug of choice.  The drug of certainty.  

As the tradition I was born into, I can now see many beautiful and helpful spiritual practices that have been passed on for many years like contemplative  prayer,  centering prayer or the daily examen to name a few.   The thing that is funny is when people freak out about calling these practices meditation.   Same thing, just  different language.   

It’s ok people… no one is keeping tabs.  Well, maybe a few of you are but  For THE LOVE…. what is your motivation to be right and exclusive?   A limited belief?   An addiction to certainty? Fear of the unknown?  You are actually SUPPOSED to question and struggle with theology.   In a sense, you have to always  be struggling to find your way.  AND WHERE EXACTLY IS THE LOVE?  One of the biggest themes in the Bible is “do NOT fear”~. You could listen to that and work through the fear and struggle.  I do think it’s worth it.   
There is so much love and beauty to be found and touched upon in this world 🌎 yet we treat the planet and each other as dispensable cutlery most of the time and especially , especially once our thoughts or beliefs don’t match up.     I use you as I need you then I put you in the trash.   Especially if you are not serving me in the way that I want you to serve me.   WHERE is the love in that? 

How much judgment do we need to let go of? How much of these exchanges in conversations and arguing is teaching us about who WE are and the necessity to grow and evolve as humans?  Humans with a real Christ Consciousness and not just a set of rules to live or die for.  

We are all ONE.  And we are yet so tribal.  My group, your group, that group.  

May we open our eyes and heal as we can.  Meditate, pray,  nourish our bodies, souls and minds.  May we learn from others, from other traditions and cultures, may we travel and dance many dances~   May we be well, May we have peace.  May we fall so in love with our selves that all we can give out is more of this love and compassion. ❤️ 

Does this sound  like a lot of work? It is.  But could that fact also be a limiting belief?   The work is DO-able.  It’s a better way to live. To Thrive. To Love.   You can do it.  Seek healing.  Investigate your motives. You are loved.  Do the work. 

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