Dancing through change~

This morning during yoga class the teacher asked us what would it look like if we saw each transition as a dance?  Every change as a dance?  No matter how hard each transition wether we are in class or in life in general: let’s look at it as a dance? 

For the most part I think we fight change and then tens to push through it instead of embracing this lovely idea of seeing change and transition as a dance. 

Life could be better when we dance but it’s so hard sometimes,  so hard to let go and feel the beat.  It’s like when you were out at a school dance or a wedding or any public place where you’re supposed to dance or were you can dance yet you don’t ‘just dance’  because dancing is such a vulnerable thing and you’re afraid you might not have the right beat, or that you look a little silly?   So you just sit and watch and don’t really feel free to get up and just do it- – Anyone?? 

Then maybe you just decide to get up and dance but you’re watching your moves because you’re a bit self-conscious about how good your moves are or if people are watching — . Wouldn’t it be great if every dance felt free? 

If you could dance without worry of who was watching or how good your beat was… if you could just – enjoy the music whether or not it was your favorite song?  And then dance through change as if it was a free dance? 
There are so many daily changes taking place in our life’s. Always- we are growing, evolving, moving. 
In this change of season as we go into fall. And days are chillier and tend to slow down …… emotions rise to the top because maybe it’s not so warm anymore and we have more time to be slow.  And slow allows feelings to rise….   I want to be able to dance through the change. Slow dancing was always exciting as well 😍

We can chose to dance through the change
I chose to leave a false system of happiness behind. Uncertainty is welcome here.  The mystery of life,  love and light are welcome in my heart and in our home. And I’m dancing.  

We have love, we have a marriage that dances to the beat, we have teenagers, family, friends and one dog~ we are building a home to share, learning more about our spirituality , learning how to BE human , seeking health and bringing others along to journey with us, all while dancing … dancing through the seasons of change~