About me

Certified Health and Wellness coach, a Journey of Healing and Tales of Recovery~

I was born in Mexico City and moved to the border city of Tijuana when I was ten years old.  My siblings and I crossed back and forth across the border to go to school in San Diego CA and then back home to Tijuana Mexico for many years. This bi-cultural and bilingual life opened up many opportunities to see and live an enriched and versatile and Spiritual life in both Mexico and the United States.   From the south of Mexico’s Mystical and colorful spirits including Day of the Dead, Native Rituals and Catholicism to the wild energy and musical fire of the Tijuana/San Diego Border.  At 18 yrs old I traveled in Europe for one year and upon returning to Mexico joined the very creative and eclectic Tijuana music scene and began a crazy and intense dive experimenting into into the depths of music, drugs and alcohol~  My sensibility was such that this was the path I found myself in until I turned 25 and began a journey of recovery.   12 step meetings were the gift of life to me~ I was able to breathe under water again~ Recovery led me to then create healing music as the lead singer of the border band Bodhisattva~  which moved on to sign with BMG Mexico and had a few years of  traveling from border to border with the privilege of joining other revolutionary  Mexican Rock bands such as Tijuana No, Cafe Tacuba, La Maldita Vecindad and Julieta Venegas among others.     It was during this time that I realized the power that words and music have in healing both souls and communities.   “Recovery” is more than abstaining from alcohol or anything else for that matter, it is a journey and a lifestyle of  processing pain and joy,  identifying blocked and repressed emotions, digging deep into the soul and working inward to be set free from everything else that comes after taking care of a specific symptom.

It was my mother’s cancer diagnosis in 1998 that began an investigation into the cause and healing of disease.  A week after her diagnosis I traveled with my mom and two aunts to Houston’s Casa de Luz for a week immersion in nutrition education, macrobiotic healing,  meditation, essential oils  and yoga.   Paying attention to the food sources, nutrition and exercise as well as mindfully investigating emotions and behavior blocks had us practically homesteading and eating organic WAY before it was a popular thing.   (My mom kicked the big C in the ass and still is cancer free to this day by the way… she chose to do both chemo AND macrobiotic nutrition).   This cross life pushed a bigger pursuit for health and wellness for me and the journey of purpose in helping others as well.

Many years in recovery groups, leading events either in the recovery world,  the Christian church and in women’s circles, an education in healing , plant medicine and essential oils, therapy,  nutrition and exercise finally led me to pursue a certification from the ICU and become a Life Wellness Coach.   I am currently in the process of Power Yoga Teacher Training and acquiring a degree in Thanatology and Spiritual Intelligence.  I have been returning day by day and year by year to the intuitive wisdom of my ancestors and trusting the intelligence of plants, Spirit and life experience.   Day by day growing and in AWE of the beautiful gift that LIFE is.

I am at my best while coaching and cheering others on to KNOWING that they are enough and have it in them to THRIVE.    I continue to learn every day that that is EXACTLY what this life is: a journey, and a healing one at that.  I have learned that my body , mind and soul are beautifully created; yet this was not always clear to me.   I am offering my life story to serve others and  am now dedicating my life to help you change yours for the better.  We have one life to live, lets live it well and in FREEDOM~