Marriage Anniversary Post Statement :  19 years~ ❤️


I liked you since day one. You are the most handsome guy I know. You make me laugh. You listen to me when I talk. (And I talk a LOT). You help me when you challenge my thoughts with healthy critique and questions. I admire your spiritual discernment. You always dance with me when I ask you.  You SEE me, and almost always with eyes of love. 😉   You have always stood by me when I am sad, sick or hurting. You helped me believe that love is real, and that love can stay. That we don’t just run away, but we fight to stay, and we fight to heal. You show up for me and the kids, over and over and over. I don’t take this for granted. I know it’s a ‘supposed to’ in marriage but I also know it doesn’t happen in many marriages, so I am grateful for your love and willingness to show up over and over and over and over.  To marriage classes, parenting classes, retreats, small groups, conferences, family parties,  weekend get-aways ….

You encourage me in all my crazy dreams and adventures. We are growing together month after month, year after year. Seeking God’s help, peace and wisdom together with you has been crazy good. I am excited for today, for 19 years of marriage and for what is to come. Today I am so grateful for you, my husband …

Grateful also for our family and the life memories we have and are creating. I breathe gratitude and love this day~ 
Thank you babe. ❤️

Let’s party!!!!